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AC Repair

Your car and truck air conditioning systems are supposed to keep you comfortable during hot and humid Alabama weather. Everyone knows that part, but beyond that level of knowledge most people enter a realm of little understood mystery concerning how and why their A/C system cools their car.

This is true not only for many customers, but also some mechanics as well. As the son of a mechanic, Mark McGugin grew up servicing automobiles in Mobile, AL.  Mark is an ASE Master Technician and continues training every year to ensure that he is up to date in automobile repair. We have all the current state-of-the-art equipment for testing and diagnosing all new and used cars. With over 40 years experience helping people in Mobile, Alabama with their auto repair needs, we invite you to see what makes us one of the most trusted auto repair facilities in the area. All of our technicians have all been thoroughly trained in A/C theory.  That makes it easy for us to diagnose problems right the first time. We know the “how and why” of each component in the system and what happens when one or more components don’t  function properly.  Let us keep the A/C in your car or truck cooling and doing its job.

  • A/C not cooling properly?
  • Hot air blowing out of the A/C?
  • Low pressure when the air blows out?
  • No air at all?

Our mechanics at Mark McGugin Auto Repair can complete a performance check to determineyou’re the A/C in your car or truck is not working properly, and diagnose the problem right the first time. We can repair or replace all components of the Air Conditioner in your car or truck.

At Mark McGugin Auto Repair, we are trained to take care of any of your auto repair needs. We’re the local auto repair experts, located on Hillcrest Road, in Mobile, Alabama.

We Keep You On the Road. Dependable, Honest, Affordable Auto Care in Mobile, AL.

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